The Power of Data Visualization and Perception of Reality

This video below comes from Google Public Data and shows data coming from the World Bank that shows the world’s progress when we cross the fertility rate (Y axis) and Life Expectancy (X axis ).

The chart correlates the life expectancy and the number of children per woman for each country in the world.

The bubbles are sized by population and colored by region. Over time, most countries advanced to the lower right-hand corner of the chart, corresponding to long lives and low fertility.

I would like you to watch and pay attention to two things:

1) How the Wars have a devastating impact on countries;
2) How the vast majority of countries are moving toward increasing quality of life.

Detail to the progression of the bubble to China — in the late 60’s and 70’s life expectancy increased rapidly, so the implementation of the one-child policy caused a drop in the number of children per woman.

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